You Did What?

I can just imagine the conversation I would have had with my dad had he known what I was going to do with my daughter this past week.

“Kev are you crazy, she’ll break her leg!” “Kevin, there are just some things that aren’t worth it!” Now honestly I don’t know if he would have said that but they would have been reasonable statements. You see this past week I took my daughter Skiing. Yes, that’s right the one with CP.

Actually I took both daughters and my wife but we left Isaac at home. My younger daughter Abby was very cute slid well a few times and decided that she liked drinking hot chocolate in the lodge better and we decided she would probably be the one who dresses nicely and sits in the lodge on ski trips when they get older. Haley on the other hand was awesome and enjoyed her time on the snow. In large part due to the awesome instruction from Nancy and Sam at Cataloochee Mt. in North Carolina.

On the first day Haley was on skis the whole time. It was very difficult for her as she doesn’t have the strength to hold her legs under her while on skis, but Nancy did a few things to help starting with putting little clamps on the tips of both skis that hooked the skis together. This helped and the Nancy held Haley from behind as they skied down the slop. Nancy did let Haley walk the skis up to the “Magic Carpet”- this is kind of like a rope tow but much easier. Haley was able to stand on the carpet pretty much independently after some help getting on. They Skied for about an hour took a break and then skied for another hour after which Haley was pooped for the day.

On the second day Haley worked with Nancy for about an hour again and then we got to work with Sam for a bit on the bucket ski or a sit ski. This was some really cool technology and Sam took her down hill with some pretty tight speed which really gave Haley the feel for what skiing is like. He also told me that it was pretty possible for someone to become pretty independent on the sit ski which is awesome. There is also a clinic at Boon Mt. next year where they train us how to use one together. I’m quite excited about that opportunity.

After the trip Haley and I were talking and I asked her about skiing. She liked it. I asked if she would like to focus on the sit ski since that would be easier for her and she responded with one of the coolest responses, “Dad I want to do both!”

She wants to be able to ski on her own legs and she had fun in the sit ski. She knows she’ll be able to do more in the sit ski but wants to work to do it on her own. I love the determination my daughter shows every day. She is always teaching me.

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