Another Surgery

I’d like to write about Isaac’s Fro or Abby asking us why Mel and I are the ones who get to give the choices, and I suppose if I wrote more regularly I would cover some of those topics.

Today March 31 2011 was a big day in my life. I decided to close the DADvocate Project Survey. I’ve been running the survey for over a year and today was the final day. I did not hit my original goal of 1000 dads but I reset my goal last month when I had only 375 dads having completed the survey and in one month some how I managed to get another 127+ dads to take the survey. If I had set a deadline originally and pushed I would probably have 1000 dads today but I’m very happy with the 500 and maybe I’ll get 1000 on next year’s survey.

Today March 31 was also the day we visited Dr. Bruce with Haley. Dr. Bruce is our ortho and he suggested another surgery. Haley was in the office with us as he was talking. I know she absorbs every discussion she hears so I was concerned. I asked if she had any questions for the Dr. She didn’t.

A little while later we were waiting to pick up her X-ray film and she started talking to me about the surgery. She’s scared and doesn’t want to have to go through another surgery. It’s funny even with the work we are doing with Lets Cure CP, at this point in her life she would still need this next surgery.This surgery will derotate her legs. I don’t know the details of the surgery yet but basically prior to her last surgery she had very stiff muscles. They caused her bones to grow in a deformed manner. This surgery will fix that. It will help her walk even better and long term will be good.

Of course that means going through another year where she goes into a wheel chair, then to a walker, to AFOS and finally back into SMOS. It will be a difficult recovery and I hate it for her.

I’m not much for blaming, complaining, or wishing things were different but I sure wish I could take on this burden for her. I hate that she had to deal with this again.

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  1. Todd Schnick says:

    God sir, our prayers our with you. Let us all know how we can help with the burden… God bless you all…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Todd. It’s too early to think much about it but We appreciate the prayers.

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