Makeing Tough decisions as a parent – Rhizotomy

This blog My Spelling Sucks was initially put up to discuss my oldest daughter’s CP and my dyslexia/add. We will be getting back to that core mission soon. I’ll be moving the DADvocate work to it’s own blog hopefully by the end of the month. In the meantime today’s post is all about original intent.

We are getting closer to Haley’s operation and quite frankly I’m very nervous. Haley keeps telling us she is scared and I have a hard time not responding with I am too sweaty. Mel and I talked for a while tonight rehashing our decision and while we both know it’s right for us to make the decision we still are nervous. I decided to link up some of my old posts tonight so I had the opportunity to review them and so I could provide a central resource on Rhizotomy info on this blog. I also recorded Haley’s exercises tonight which I’ll post as soon as they upload. Note: I am not posting the entire routine as YouTube will only take a 10 minute video.

Rhizotomy DADvocate I’m Not Weird
Rhizotomy Next Steps
Rhizotomy Surgery is never an easy answer

The video is still uploading and I’m tired. I’ll add Haley’s exercise to the post in the morning. In the meantime Here are some before and after videos from St. Louis Children’s Hospital:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

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