Honor to whom Honor is due

I’m extremely honored to have been granted father of the year. Its wonderful that I was selected and that my wife nominated me. But the truth is my wife is mom of the century. It’s absolutely amazing what she has done and sacrificed for our children and our family.

Mel always wanted to be a mom. She was a pre-school teacher and incredible at it. The kids loved her and she created amazing lesson plans. Her organizational skills rival that of the most skilled in the world. She was sought after as a teacher because of her talents. I actually tried to convince her to package and sell her lesson plans because they were so incredible.

At any rate becoming a mom was difficult. We lost the first pregnancy and that was very tough. Then one doctor misdiagnosed part of the reason we lost the first baby. We changed doctors. Then H was born and came 8 weeks early. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks, had a brain bleed, then was diagnosed or misdiagnosed with a heart valve problem. Mel took her to every appointment, kept them straight and made sure I was at the important ones.

She knew there was something wrong with H long before anyone else and she convinced the doctors to get us into physical therapy at only 6 months. Thank G-d she did. After another 6 months she and the therapist agreed that H wasn’t making the progress they thought she should so they got the doctors to send H to a neurologist. This was all in the first year. She has been just as if not more incredible for every year of the past six.

Mel has created a playroom environment in our home that rivals that of any school having a school house station, kitchen station, restaurant station, and has the room perfectly organized so that you always know where everything goes.

At any rate I guess what I’m saying is while it’s great to honored as father of the year, it’s really I that should be honoring her.

I love you Mel thanks for everything you do for our Family. Your the Mom of the century.

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