Hey Dad’s

I realize that I had a question that should have been published on the DADvocate survey. It was essay form so I removed it to make the survey easier to complete and I added it to the interview questions. The thing is I really wanted to get the story about how you approach parenting even as a survey participant. I guess I feel like I made the right discision to remove it but I’m impatient so if your a dad and reading this please leave a comment telling us about your approach to parenting.

Here’s mine –

First I love being a dad. I don’t think there is anything much more fun then playing with my kids as it gives me permission to act like the kid I really still am, but try to hide in professional situations. I think a lot of my parenting philosphy comes from my first child who does have CP, you can read about her elsewhere on this site. I can really sum it up in a single line “You need to get back up. I know you fall but get back up. I know it hurts but get back up. I know you think no one else falls but get back up. I know it’s hard but get back up. OH LOOK YOU’RE DOING IT! YOU’RE DOING IT!! YOU’RE DOING IT!!!! YES!!!!” Then its time to celebrate and know you can always do it. This philosphy can be expressed in so many scenarios and so many ways. If you’ed like to read more about how I apply it look at some of my other posts, here are a few that I think describe it well:

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Please leave a comment and let me know what your philosphy is.
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