Family Weekend Apple Picking

This past weekend we finally had the opportunity to do a family event. We have been so busy lately we really haven’t had the time to do anything as a family. When my wife woke up on Friday (Issac’s first birthday) she said she just wanted to hang out with just us. I’m always up for just us so we began to make plans. Then during the day Mel was hanging out with a family friend who has daughters our daughters ages and they decide we should all go apple picking. It was a wonderful time and a great way to spend a beautiful North Georgia Fall weekend. Here are the highlights:
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It was honestly a great day and Haley didn’t even have to use the walker. We did bring her stroller along but she didn’t even use it all that much. She also had hippo that morning so it’s pretty amazing that she was able to do as much walking as she did. The therapy is working. I should have know it would. I got a few private email’s about my Self Pity post. I don’t want anyone to worry. It was just a difficult day and it’s okay to have them sometimes. I write this blog with the intention of providing other parents who deal with special needs hope and a positive focus. I feel strongly that while we can’t choose our circumstance we can choose how we react to them. But even the most positive among us have bad days and that post was written on one of mine. I’m thankful to those who reached out. You have encouraged me with your words.

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