I was working the other night and Abby my middle child was busy playing with her dolls. She does this often and she is always carrying them from one room to the next. She lays them down and I guess they are always doing something but usually when I ask I’m told, “We’re not playing with your right now.” Haley did this too when she was Abby’s age so I never really pay too much attention when she is playing but when I turned around the other day I noticed something strange. The dolls were lined up head to toe, kind of in a line. Usually she has them laying shoulder to shoulder. So I asked “Abby, what are your dolls doing?” “Daddy, they are in line to play on the trampoline!”

I’m amazed what little minds can come up with when given the freedom to play creatively. I’m also amazed at the fact that we can so easily get distracted by our day to day lives that we forget to ask all to often, or we let the “I’m not playing with you right now.” response lay because we are busy doing something else.

Do you ever forget to ask you children about their imaginary play?

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