DADvocate Survey – Drugs, What will your teach your children?

I’m amazed by the above numbers. The question in the survey is have you ever used recreational drugs. The numbers not visible in the chart above 66% answer yes, 6% prefer not to answer and 28% of respondents said they never have. I’ll admit that the question may not be clearly worded and it certainly does not indicated that the participants continue to use drugs today but the survey basically indicates that a full 72% of the DADvocate population that has taken the survey have taken drugs at some point in their lives.

So I wonder what does this mean? How does the fact that most dads experimented with drugs impact how they parent? Does it change the conversations we will or are having with our kids about drugs? I’ll tell you that I know I was personally given the full on scare factor about drugs rather than the truth about them. I just don’t think kids are that stupid and they’ll either find out the truth through you as a parent or through their friends. I’d rather be the one to tell my kids about this stuff then have them learn from friends personally and I want my kids to understand the truth.

How about you? What do you think?

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