Daddy Just because your old doesn’t mean you can’t stop!

The other day my wife and I were heatedly discussing something. I sometimes have a bad habit of using potty words. While I’m not as bad as some I’m certainly no angle when it comes to this indiscretion.

Interestingly my oldest daughter has always understood that potty words are bad. She hardly experimented with them as a younger child and when she did it was in front of my mother-in-law when she thought she would be safe. Luckily disappointment pretty much aims Haley in the right direction most the time. So after disappointing my mother-in-law with the words she never used them again.

Well she asked me the other night why I used them if they are bad, and of course I did what most adults in that situation would do and said: “They are bad and you’re right I shouldn’t use them, but I have for so long that it’s become a habbit and it’s hard for daddy to stop. That’s why you shouldn’t start so it won’t be hard to stop.” Lame I know. Apparently so did she.

Then next day I was taking her to Sunday School and she said, “Daddy, I’ve been thinking, just because your old and have been saying bad words for a long time doesn’t mean you can’t stop, if you just make up your mind.” I go into a quick internal dialog – “hmm… I have proof that she listens to me occasionally and understands that if you make up your mind you can do what you choose. This is good news right. But can I really stop cursing, I’ve been doing it forever, and boy my parents (actually dad) always did it when he was arguing with my mom. Well that doesn’t mean it was okay. I guess I can just make up my mind to stop using curse words. I guess I really need to if I want my lessons to stick and it would probably make life in the house better too.” I speak out loud, “You know honey, you are absolutely right. If I make up my mind it doesn’t matter if I’m old I can stop. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make an effort to stop but if I mess up you have to remind me that I promised. Can you do that?” So now I’m on a no cursing kick. If you ever catch me feel free to point it out.

My Goodnest this is going to be difficult. Do you have any pointers?

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