The BIG POTTY Incident!

A few weeks back I wrote a post on DAD-O-Matic called Panties and Business. It was a great little post about learning tenacity from teaching my child about potty training. The unfortunate thing is I posted this picture not knowing of the foreshadowing that it implied.

sad potty pic

So a week or two after the post we had a busy weekend and Mel was freaking out because we had so much to do. I always the calm and collected (not) one said listen all we have to do is divide and concur. You go to Costco and I’ll take the kids to the grocery store. Mel looked at me laughed and somewhat snarled. “You!” “You take the kids to the grocery store?!!?” “By yourself, are you crazy!? You can’t do that!” Mel pretty much refuses to take the kids to the grocery store by her self because it is a big deal, but I’m an optimist and decided it would be a fun adventure. Boy were we both right.

I got all three of the children to the store, inside and we were shopping nicely. It was going fantastically well and I honestly couldn’t figure out why Mel felt like it was such a big deal to take the kids. I mean yes, they ask for everything and slow down the process a bit but that is to be expected. We got through almost all the items on the list plus few extras due to “Daddy can we get this? I just love _______.” AND THEN …..”Daddy I have to go to the bathroom.” Says my middle child.


Daddy says: “Haley can I have you take Abby to the bathroom while I wait outside the door with Isaac?”

Haley says: “Yes, Daddy. I can help.”

We go to the bathroom and the girls go inside. I’m standing there at the door and all of the sudden I hear crying only it’s hysterical so at first I think It’s laughing. Then I hear Haley yell “HELP! HELP! HELP HELP HELP!!!” So I burst into the woman’s bathroom, thankfully there is no one else in there. They are in a stall and I go to open the door but it’s locked and they are both crying hysterically. I slam the door. I slam it again and it open. Isaac is out in the hall and I’m worried about him but I still haven’t figured out what’s goin on and then I see it.

Abby has fallen into the toilet. Her head, arms and feet are sticking out. Her face is all crying and freaked out and Haley was all concerned because she felt responsible. Unfortunately I didn’t think quickly enough to snap a picture before rescuing Abby from the potty, but the pic above does somewhat encapsulate the expression on Abby’s face.

Needless to say when I told my wife about this incident she said “See it’s not that easy is it” after laughing at me of course.

Now regardless of this crazy trip to the grocery store, it won’t deter me from going again with the kids because who knows what kind of story I’ll get out of my next trip.

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2 comments on “The BIG POTTY Incident!
  1. sahdpdx says:

    Way to spring to action so quickly. It is tough taking the kids out but worth it for the material you get.

  2. It's worth it to just spend time and see what they can do. There is always an adventure waiting just behind the next bathroom door.

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