Fund Raising for Lets Cure CP

Dear Friends and Family,
As you already know, our daughter Haley had a brain bleed shortly after birth, which led to her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Fortunately, Haley is doing incredibly well and we have aggressively treated her since birth with both therapy and more recently surgery. Unfortunately not all people who have Cerebral Palsy (CP) can be successfully treated through these methods and there is currently not cure for CP. Fortunately, Cerebral Palsy is NOT a degenerative disease but rather a condition that is caused by damage to the brain.
CP simply describes an injury occurring in one’s brain at birth or before the age of two. Because of the complexity or how each individual is affected, the severity and challenges faced by each can differ significantly.

Haley, as you know is a blessing in our lives. However, raising a child with CP is not easy. Every family with a special needs child faces tremendous financial, emotional and physical strain. The average person with CP will incur over $1,000,000 in health-care costs in their lifetime. Melanie and I have always been hopeful that we could reverse some of the neurological damage that has occurred. We are fortunate that we live in a time where modern medicine and hope are advancing quickly. We want you to help us advance it more quickly to help Haley and the 500-800,000 other Americans affected with Cerebral Palsy.
While Haley is highly functional and will grow up to be a productive member of society we still have concerns about if she will be able to drive and she still has trouble with visual processing that can not be corrected with glasses. It is our hope and prayer that we will be able to find a cure that will allow Haley to drive and ensure others who are more severely impacted live full lives.

I have joined the board of an organization Let’s Cure CP ( that has found several doctors that can make these dreams become a reality for all children with CP, but they need funding and support for their trials and studies.

Let’s Cure CP is a non-profit organization that will fund Phase 1 clinical research using adult, bone marrow derived stem cells to treat chronic Cerebral Palsy. We have already engaged Dr. James Carroll, the Chief of Pediatric Neurology at Medical College of Georgia and he believes that he can “reverse” some of the damage done to our kids brains by using these cells (we have a video of him on our home page of our website). First he has to complete his animal model study and prove the cells efficacy and safety. Dr. Carroll’s life-changing work is the first of many studies that Let’s Cure CP is supporting.
We have already raised $10,000 to help fund the first round of Dr. Carroll’s research but need much more funding to achieve our goal of finding a cure.
We desperately need your help!
You can support Let’s Cure CP by going to our website ( and make a donation. Every $25, $50 or $100 will help us change the lives of everybody with CP including Haley.

You can additionally support the Lets Cure CP by attending the Atlanta Tailgate Party on September 11th at Stats sports bar thrown by M3 summit and helping to support our organization. The cost to attend the event is $75 and $35 of it will go to Let’s Cure CP. There will be food and Drinks and it starts at 6:00 PM. If you live in Atlanta or visiting to attend the M3 Summit, it should prove to be a great time plus you’ll get to meet some of the coolest Dad and Man bloggers on the Net. You can by tickets at the M3 summit web site Make sure you purchase the Let’s Cure CP ticket. It is the same ticket as M3 VIP Closing Event ‘ATLANTA’S BIGGEST TAILGATE PARTY’ but $35 of the cost of the Let’s Cure CP ticket will goto Let’s Cure CP.
Please pass this information along to all of your friends and colleagues so we can become one stop closer to Curing CP!

Kevin Metzger
Board Member
Let’s Cure CP

PS In the interest of full disclosure – Lets Cure CP has our application into the IRS for becoming a fully registered 501C3. According to the IRS we can operate as a 501C3 until they finish the review of our application and either approve or deny it. We have had our application in to the IRS since April and as of our last check they are only now reviewing the February applications. Our lawyers have asked that our application be expedited but as we are initially only doing private fund-raising and have not yet written for grant they have refused to expedite the application. We are talking with officials in Georgia to get them to help expedite the process. As stated above to date we have raised close to $20,000 and have already donated $10,000 fund a study at the Medical College of Georgia.

Love – The Equation

What does
Selflessness! +
Strength! +
Devotion! +
tenderness! +
Support! +
Listen! +
Discipline! +
caring! +
service! +
Asking! +
Feeling! +
Crying! +
Laughing! +
Intensity +
Relaxing +
Encouraging +
Lifting +
Wishing +
Believing +
Hugging +
Inspiring +
Kissing +
Surprising +
Learning +
Dependability +
Children +
Parents +
Siblings +
Wife +
Husband? +
Cousins +
Dogs +
Skiing +
Running +
Swimming +
Beach +
Mountains +
Writing +
Eating +
Achieving +
Friendship +
Talking +
Disney +
Family cuddle +
Spooning +
Thinking +
Dancing +
Giggles +
Loss +
Fear +
Anger +
Hate +
Achievement +
Fun +
Depth +
Spirit +
New +
Old +
Beauty +
Dullness +
Emptiness +
Rain +
Sun +
Waves +
Boats +
Expression +
College +
Old friends +
New friends +
Saturdays +
Football +
Smiles +
Cheeks +
Parties +
Passion +
Saltwater Fish +
Work +

Parenting +
Personal Development +
Blogging +
Freedom +
Passion +
Persistence +
The sound of the word “daddy” from my children!
Equal ==================


The above post was written for The Fatherhood 100 Project hosted over at Dad at the Chalkboard . The topic was love and I could write up to 1oo words about Love.

Haley Climbing

PLEASE NOTE this post is from 4/12/2009

This paragraph is new content.
It’s funny I’m reading this post a year later and decided to re-run the post. I haven’t bloged on the site in a while and I’m reading through the archives. After reading this post I’m baffeled by the fact that I didn’t talk about when Haley first learned how to climb. It was on the stairs. Haley is an auditory learner and she often needs to tell herself what to do next. When she hears what she should do her brain is able to process the instructions and make her physical body work but when she just sees what she should do she can not process it as well. An example of this is when she learned to climb the stairs. She learned and memorized a cadence. Hand Hand Knee Knee Foot Foot. Once she had this cadence memorized she was able to climb the stairs. I think of that cadence when I remember the instructions I gave her for climbing this structure. She really can do anything she wants as long as she is determined to do it.

Original Post was April 12, 2009

Today was an awesome day. Haley and I went on a date to the park. We went to a park that she does not usually go to. As soon as we arrived there was an ice cream truck so we got some ice cream bars. After eating the bars we went on the swings which is always her first adventure at any park. After the swings she went over to the little kid play structure. She always plays on the little kid structures first if she is at a place she doesn’t know well. It’s sort of a warm up. Anyway we went over to the big play structure after she was comfortable. This structure was really good for her since it had stairs and handle bars all the way to the top and there was no where were the was an opening on both sides. But whenever Haley gets nervous she resorts to crawling. So we walked through the structure together a few times until she felt comfortable walking through the entire structure.

This play set also had a plastic rock wall. Not the kind that is planks of wood with hand grips but more of a molded plastic that actually looks like rock. Anyway after looking at it and asking Haley if she wanted to try it and failing miserably once we took a step back and looked at what we wanted to achieve. First I explained how she could go from one smallest step to the next then I showed her where the smallest steps were and how she could get from one to the next. Then we tried it together. She climbed 2-3 times with assistance and then she decided to try it on her own. She did it. She did it well, and She is AWESOME!!! Here is some video I ended up taking on my cell phone.