It’s been three years since I last posted to this account. This is my personal space and I’m going to start posting again in my style. I’ll be covering, My health, my home improvement projects and what I can of the family. Health: This is the reason I’m back on the blog and since this [...]

I’m Loosing It

It’s been a tough day and tonight has not been much better. There are a lot of things about CP that I’m good at handling as a father. But there are a lot of issues that come up with Haley that while not directly caused by CP are likely influenced by it. One of Haley’s [...]

Another Surgery

I’d like to write about Isaac’s Fro or Abby asking us why Mel and I are the ones who get to give the choices, and I suppose if I wrote more regularly I would cover some of those topics. Today March 31 2011 was a big day in my life. I decided to close the [...]

March 25 National CP Awareness Day

Today is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. For those who don’t already know the origins of this blog are my children and my oldest daughter has Cerebral Palsy. When I first started blogging regularly Haley’s Cerebral Palsy was much of my inspiration and it led to the 2009 Father of the year award which led [...]

You Did What?

I can just imagine the conversation I would have had with my dad had he known what I was going to do with my daughter this past week. “Kev are you crazy, she’ll break her leg!” “Kevin, there are just some things that aren’t worth it!” Now honestly I don’t know if he would have [...]

I Hate labels

Today I posted an article titled “I Hate labels” over at 5 minutest for Special needs. I talk about testing for dyslexia and my experience and how it affected my self worth as a child. If your a parent dealing with learning issues please consider this unique perspective and try to talk with your children [...]

Status Update

Hello all, It’s been a while since I’ve posted but it’s the new year so I want to let you know my plans for this site over 2011. Many of you know I keep a few blogs including, and now and Technically isn’t a blog as I don’t post anything [...]

5 minutes for Special Needs

I’ve begun guest posting over at 5 minutes for special needs. The site is a wonderful resource for parents who have children with all types of needs and it is really a wonderful community. I post every thursday at approximately 1:00 PM. Check out todays Post Ballet – The Penguin Move Share on Facebook Tweet [...]

Doodle Turns 4

Yesterday was Abby’s 4th birthday. We had a great day but the funniest part of the day was when she woke up and wanted to see if she looked 4 years old. She got out of bed and ran to the mirror to see 4 year old Abby. My doodle is a hoot. Happy Birthday [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello, I created a short video just to say thank you for visiting and being a friend. I hope you have had a wonderful year and are able to count the blessings today. I know many folks have had difficulties over this past year and I hope you are still able to find your blessings [...]

Haley Presenting at Atlanan Jewish Book Festival

Haley presented today at the Atlanta Jewish book festival. There were probably 80 people in the audience and it didn’t phase her one bit. I’m so proud of her. Check out the video below. Haley and Raye Lynn – Atl MJCCA Book Festival 11-14 from Kevin Metzger on Vimeo. Share on Facebook Tweet This Post

Poopy Face

I haveĀ  to admit, when it comes to teaching my children, or getting them to do something I really want done, I’m not above corrosion. I have one pet peeve, okay more than one, but one that really gets on my nerves and makes me cringe. I hate, hate, hate it when people don’t know [...]

Are You Allergic to Play

It’s taken me a while to get the opportunity to write this post as my wife was afraid it would paint her in a poor light. My hope is that it will not and infact I hope it paints her as awesome. To that end I need to give some background on my wife. She [...]

A Note Every Parent of a Special Kid Must Read

I have a new friend. She recently sold me a cane for Haley. When I bought the cane I didn’t know who she was all I knew was that she sold customer canes and I needed something cute for my daughter to use in school. Good news is that Haley will be coming off of [...]

Family Weekend Apple Picking

This past weekend we finally had the opportunity to do a family event. We have been so busy lately we really haven’t had the time to do anything as a family. When my wife woke up on Friday (Issac’s first birthday) she said she just wanted to hang out with just us. I’m always up [...]

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